Suối Giàng Shan Tuyet Ancient Tea

cay_che_suoi_giangThe Suoi Giang mountain, in the Yen Bai province, North West upland of Vietnam, in high mountain 1.100-1.400 met with fresh air, special environment, harsh weather difference between daytime and nighttime, moreover, the all year foggy and cloudy weather has supported the growth of Shan Tuyet Ancient tea tree for hundreds of years, grows wildly and naturally.

Suoi Giang Ancient tea tree has big root, huge tree trunk (radius in meters), large leaves and thick buds. Underneath the tree is covered by a layer of white fur so the tree is called “Mountain Snow tea”. Tea buds containing the most fresh and flavorful are harvested by hand and processed by the very age-old tradition method of the H’Mong ethnicity, considered a rare, valuable, and healthy herb, the water of ancient tea becomes as yellow as forest honey instead of green like other tea brands, fabulous smell, the taste is bitter at first then sweet afterall. Tea users also taste the forest flavor of Phu Quy tea melting in their mouth. 

In the 60s of previour century, M. Djemmukhatze Ph.D, Soviet Union Science Institute visited Suoi Giang and concluded that “I have been all over the world to over 120 countries to research their tea products. However, Suoi giang tea is the purest, has the longest history and has the most unique flavor.”

Phu Quy tea, using 100% green tea from Suoi Giang Shan Tuyet Ancient tea, selected from “a bud two leaves”, and mixed entirely natural (without any artificial flavor) with the particular procedure, BMG compay has created numerous Pure Ancient Phu Quy Tea products that are healthy and contain unique long-lasting tastes.











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